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We have many important things to remember each day – picking up our kids at soccer practice, the other parents’ names, grabbing dinner, groceries, work projects, tomorrow’s meeting and we can never find our keys when we need them.

Life is complex, our lists are long and on top of everything we can’t forget the keys to our life – our passwords. Many of us memorize passwords, some write them on wallet cards and others have tucked them away on a post-it in our desk. This works fine, for a while, until we forget, lose our wallet, the maintenance staff sees the note in our desk, or the bank decides you need to change your password to have 12 numbers, characters, and at least one capital letter making it jibberish.

Passwords Postit Notes

In 2020 the 5 most common passwords used around the world were 123456, 123456789, 12345, qwerty,  and password  and the really bad news is that they can be cracked in under one second.(Scientific American)

Frustrating, right? You’re not alone, over 75% of Americans say they feel frustrated trying to maintain and keep track of their passwords, 80% of all breaches are linked to passwords. (Google)

The problem is even worse due to the fact that we’re human and we have bias towards specific patterns and using natural words to facilitate memorization. Passwords password123 or johnABCoooo may seem more complex but they aren’t. Hackers use password dictionaries that include 14 million to 7 billion of the most commonly used passwords that can speed up the process significantly. To top it all off, hackers have a strong sense of global community and like to share tactics, software and data publicly with other hackers. One community group has over 300K members and there are many others like this.

Why does this matter? Over 40% of Americans have had their personal data compromised which will cost you and your family both money and time. Almost 50M Americans have decided that the frustration and risk of remembering passwords is too high and are using automated and secure password managers like LastPass.

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