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10 Password Tips for a safer 2022

If you’ve spent any time reviewing our post about the most common passwords of 2021 you’ll see that there are many people in the world that should change their passwords immediately to something more unique and secure.

Frequency of data breaches and hacks are increasing and more and more personal data like email addresses, passwords and personal information is being shared all the time. 

To help make security simple for everyone our Aha Password team has created 10 password tips for a safer 2022. 

We really can’t stress the benefits of password manager software enough. Using a popular password manager will reduce the risk for you, your family and your business significantly and not to mention make life a heck of a lot easier. 

Password managers will simplify your life and make your digital identify more secure at the same time.

Don’t use any of the passwords listed on the top most common passwords list. It’s that simple.

Make your password longer because shorter passwords can be cracked almost instantly. For example, a 10 number password can be cracked in less than 1 second.

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Writing your passwords down on a piece of paper in and socking it away in your drawer is not safe. When a bad actor enters an office and starts looking for your password you can bet they will look in, around, under and on top of your desk. I’ve seen many colleagues do this and even the cleaning crew is surprised.

Bad actors are smart, they like to combined hacked data from various data breaches to get a more full picture of who you are and who your family is so please don’t use any personally identifiable information in your password. This includes the date of birth of you, or anyone in your family.

You may think its smart to use Jimmy1234 on one website, Jimmy1978 on another and Jimbo1592 on another but it only makes them harder to remember and you’re no more secure. Once a hacker gets a password from one website they will try it and variations on other websites and by reusing passwords all you’re doing is shortening their crack time.

Using characters like @#$%^&, etc will make your password more secure and increase the time it takes to crack your password. 

Two-factor authentication does take extra time but its one of the best ways to improve your personal security. When you have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled this means that your password must be combined with another type of validation, a second factor like text message, email or an authenticator.

Sharing is caring in many cases but not this one. Sharing your password over text message or in messaging apps ads multiple layers of risk. The person on the other end could be sitting in a café while a bad actor looks over their shoulder and that same bad actor could be sniffing our messages sent over the wifi network putting you and your friend at risk.

Password managers will fill the forms in for you, they will generate secure passwords, they will automatically let you know when there is a data breach, they will teach you how to be more secure and they can be used to share passwords securely with others.

This is all in addition to reducing frustration and saving you time that is better spent with your friends, family or whatever makes you smile.

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