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This tool searches 12 billion records of personal information that has been compromised or leaked from data breaches. This database included email addresses, accounts, passwords and other personal information has been collected from all known data breaches.

How to find out if my email has been compromised from a hack or data breach?

Finding out if your email address, phone number, user name or password has been leaked online from a hack or data breach is easy with our search tool. 

Total Time Needed: 2 minutes

Steps to search your personal information

Step 1 : What do you want to search?
Identify the user names, email addresses and / or phone numbers that you want to search.
Step 2 : Search
Enter the email address, phone number or user name that you want to investigate and click search.
Step 3 : Review results
Review the results of each data breach to understand when it happened and what was leaked.
Step 4 : Change your passwords and any other personal info.
Its strongly recommended that you change your passwords after finding your information in a data breach that has been leaked online.
Step 5 : Get a password manager
Its also a great idea to start using a password manager so that when your information is found in a data breach you can easily and quickly change your passwords.

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Any data that you enter is not captured, recorded or logged anywhere.

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