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Most Recent Data Breaches

10 Most Recent Data Breaches

What was the most recent data breach? January 2022: Doxbin Breach – 370 Thousand Accounts Flashpoint a leader in risk intelligence reported that a hacker posted data from Doxbin a popular paste site. The data breach included usernames, email addresses, passwords and user-agent strings according to Flashpoint. Doxbin is a website where users post and …

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Top 10 largest Data Breaches

1. Collection #1 – 772 Million Email Addresses and Passwords Collection #1 is a collection of email addresses and passwords from many smaller data breaches and was posted to a popular hacking forum in January of 2019. In total, the file included 2.7 billion records and 773 million unique records. More info on the largest …

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News Corp Data Breach

Corp disclosed in securities filings on Friday that they discovered an attack on one of their systems that resulted in a data breach that occurred in January of 2022. While it’s not confirmed that weak password security was the cause of this data breach it is very likely that someone had a weak password. The filing does however cite that “preliminary analysis indicates that foreign government involvement may be associated with this activity”. News Corp also mentioned that the cyberattack was persistent in nature and they are still investigating the nature, scope, duration, and impacts to their data but they believe the issue is contained.

Red Doorz Data Breach

Red Doorz Data Breach

Red Doorz Data Breach – September 2020 – Over 5.8 Million user accounts were exposed including email addresses, phone numbers, genders, dates of birth and passwords stored as bcrypt hashes.

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Hacked Email Search

This tool searches 12 billion records of personal information that has been compromised or leaked from data breaches. This database included email addresses, accounts, passwords and other personal information has been collected from all known data breaches. How to find out if my email has been compromised from a hack or data breach? Finding out …

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Password Stats Top 25 Most common passwords in 2021 July 1, 2021 Each year the team at NordPass releases their report of the top 200 most common passwords and each year we are blown away by the lack magnitude of the common password problem. Trending news Dark Web Russian Dark Websites Go Offline February 10, …

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Post it Note Passwords

Passwords Suck! Forget Passwords Get a Password Manager!

Life is complex, our lists are long and on top of everything we can’t forget the keys to our life – our passwords. Many of us memorize passwords, some write them on wallet cards and others have tucked them away on a post-it in our desk. This works fine, for a while, until we forget, lose our wallet, the maintenance staff sees the note in our desk, or the bank decides you need to change your password to have 12 numbers, characters, and at least one capital letter making it jibberish.