Month: July 2021

Most Common Passwords in the USA

25 Most Common Passwords in the USA

Have you ever wondered what the top 25 most common passwords used by Americans? The NordPass most common password report has been released and we’re seeing a lot of similarities to previous most used passwords reports with 12345 in 3rd place, password at number 2 and the number 1 most used password in the USA is 123456.

Post it Note Passwords

Passwords Suck! Forget Passwords Get a Password Manager!

Life is complex, our lists are long and on top of everything we can’t forget the keys to our life – our passwords. Many of us memorize passwords, some write them on wallet cards and others have tucked them away on a post-it in our desk. This works fine, for a while, until we forget, lose our wallet, the maintenance staff sees the note in our desk, or the bank decides you need to change your password to have 12 numbers, characters, and at least one capital letter making it jibberish.